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求めているものは、長く生きてりゃなんとなく、ゲットできる。-斉木しげる 2014-


Vintage Posters - Sherlock by 

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The Last  Laugh by Koki Mitani. Adapted by Richard Harris, starring Martin Freeman and Roger Lloyd Pack (2007) Venue: Parco Theatre (Tokyo) & Theatre Brava! (Osaka) 

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毎日暑いですね( ・᷄д・᷅ ) ( -”- )


毎日暑いですね(  ・᷄д・᷅ ) ( -”-  )

(お笑いナタリー - サンドウィッチマン豆まみれ、節分にDVDヒット祈願から)


Citizen, LIGHT is TIME (2014)

"Renowned Japanese watch manufacturer CITIZEN recently unveiled a stunning installation called LIGHT is TIME at Milan Design Week. Displayed in the Triennale di Milano exhibition hall, the spectacular installation consists of 80,000 main plates (the structural bases of watches) suspended from 4,200 metal threads hooked to the ceiling. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind experience for viewers, who are enveloped in a cloud of refracting light, time frozen around them like thousands of golden rain drops." - Jenny Zhang

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